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Ecodev Laundry Sanitiser & Protectant 10 Litres

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    • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria
    • Cleans, disinfects , odour controls
    • Prevents mould/mildew Build Up
    • 2 In 1 dual action
    • Cleans machine and piping
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    Ecodev 2-in-1 Dual Action Laundry and Machine Sanitiser is a revolutionary environmentally friendly  and nontoxic, high performance product used for cleaning and odour controlling dirty laundry. This will additionally sanitise the washing machine & piping..

     The 2-in-1 Dual Action Laundry Sanitiser is formulated using organic ingredients that are derived from natural plant extracts and other natural ingredients.

    All the ingredients in the Ecodev Laundry Sanitiser is GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe). According to the American Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the GRAS designation indicates that a chemical or substance added to food designated as GRAS is considered safe by experts.

    The product  has been tested, proven and certified by laboratories, institutes and government agencies world-wide.

    This product is also available in 1 litre Twin, 5 litre, 10 litre & 20 litre bottle sizes. The 1 litre TWIN package includes a handy 100 ml measuring compartment to make it easier to measure the right quantity for use.

    What's innovative about Ecodev's Laundry Sanitiser?

    • Disinfects and protects against germs and bacteria.
    • High grade disinfectant that kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria.
    • Disinfects all clothing, machine & piping.
    • Odour Control.
    • Prevent mould/ mildew build up.
    • Active ingredient has approval by manufacturer.
    • Non-drying.
    • Hospital grade.

    Eco & Vegan Friendly Plant Based
    Not Tested on Animals Australian Made

    Complete Ingredients

    Water, Ecodev surfactant blend and fragrance, quaternary compounds, mineral salt solution & inert ingredients.

    Safety & Material Data Sheets (SDS & MDS)

    SDS: Ecovio Laundry Sanitiser and Protectant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) (2.02MB pdf).

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